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CUSTOM packages AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  All Packages are subject to sales tax.

Personal Training

One-on-one sessions

[Prices Vary Per Pack]

Your sessions will incorporate strength training, Barre & Pilates to meet your fitness goals.  I take a safe, gentle approach to training.  I don’t believe you need to lift super heavy to lose fat and become toned.  

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monthly impressions

Make a Fit Impression Every Month

** not available at this time **  

Do you want a little extra push and variety in your workouts? This monthly subscription offers you: 6 Personal Training Sessions and 2 Pilates Equipment Sessions a month. This monthly program includes functional training to build muscle and shed fat as well as pilates equipment training to strengthen your core and place your body in proper alignment. The two types of training marry with each other to give you a lean, strong body!

*Limited packages sold.

CT Personal Training
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Signature Pack

Combine Barre, Pilates & Strength Training

Combine Barre, Pilates and Strength Training.  If you are looking for more flexibility but like the idea of combining functional training with pilates equipment training,  this Pack is for you. With this Pack, half your session will be Strength Training/Personal Training and the other half of your sessions will be Pilates Equipment Training.  

Pilates equipment training

The More We Move, The Better We Feel


This Pack of Pilates Equipment Training includes training on the Merrithew Pilates Chair, Reformer and Spring Wall. Your 45 minute sessions will be tailored to your fitness level and abilities.  This training will provide you with a full body workout while strengthening your core and helping you gain flexibility.  

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Pilates Duet Training

Grab A Friend, Spouse and/or Family Member and have some fun!

Grab a friend and/or spouse and have a Pilates Reformer Session catered to you both. What a great way to bond! Work out together and then grab some coffee, a smoothie or dinner afterwards!  Commit to time together and hold each other accountable with this 4-Pack. 

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If you are not clear on what type of training is for you, why not try a drop in session.


Due to Covid, small Group Classes have been suspended.  When the weather permits, I do offer outside boot camp classes.  Please check my social media pages for announcements. 


What Is Your Body Telling You?
Are you tired all the time? Are your shoulders slumped over from too much time scrolling on the phone? Is your back achy from sitting all day? Human bodies are not meant to sit for eight hours a day. With proper nutrition, a fitness regimen and wellness routine, you can experience renewed energy and vitality. Let go of the stress, relax those shoulders and embrace life.
Three Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer
1) If you have hit a plateau, a personal trainer can help you achieve the next level of fitness. 2) By having a set appointment with a trainer each week, you are more likely to keep that appointment for fear of letting your trainer down. 3) A trainer can help you set realistic goals and evaluate your progress as you go.
How can I benefit from Pilates?
Pilates helps one develop flexibility and core strength. Pilates exercises effectively condition core muscles which help with coordination and balance. With consistent practice, you will see improved muscle strength and increased range of motion.
CT Personal Trainer

Thank You

Thank you so much for considering me to be a part of fitness journey.  If you’re interested in working with me, the next step is to set up a time to chat!