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Private pilates sessions & Duet Sessions in my boutique studio


My one-on-one private pilates sessions are tailored for your unique needs. I highly recommend those dealing with pain issues, new movers, and those who’ve never tried pilates to begin with one-on-one sessions. Sessions will utilize the entire pilates studio, including the Stott reformer, chair, and spring wall. 

Why Practice Pilates?

The Benefits

  • Improve your posture
  • Drive the golf ball farther more consistently
  • Relieve tension in your shoulders & upper back
  • Peddle faster on your bicycle
  • Stand taller.  Feel stronger.  Be confident.
Pilates is known for building lean, toned, balanced muscles and a strong core.  As a result, a more balanced body is better able to resist injury due to day-to-day activities.  Whatever you do, do it better – even if it is just standing or walking.

That’s what practicing Pilates can do for you.

Private Pilates Training

A pack of Pilates Equipment Training includes training on the Merrithew Pilates Chair, Reformer and Spring Wall.  Your 45 minute sessions will be tailored to your fitness level and abilities.  This training will provide you with a full body workout while strengthening your core and helping you gain flexibility.  

CT private pilates
CT private pilates

Duet Pilates Sessions

Grab a friend and/or spouse and have a Pilates Reformer Session catered to you both. What a great way to bond! Work out together and then grab some coffee, a smoothie or dinner afterwards!  Commit to time together and hold each other accountable with this 4-Pack. 

If you are looking for a duet partner that is well paired with you ~ please reach out to me and I will play match maker.