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Today was a tough day for me to get motivated. I’m sure most of you have encountered this. With many jobs and a flexible schedule, I had this morning free. Instead of hopping out the door at 7 a.m., I found myself reading another chapter in my book, having a 2nd cup of coffee, turning the TV on and making a leisurely breakfast. I pretty much could have wasted 2 more hours doing nothing. But instead, I decided to put my bright pink pants on and get moving – hoping they will provide some workout motivation. While driving to the gym, tuning into Sirius 80’s channel, I started my “in car” dance party to get the blood flowing . . singing Roxette – “She’s got the look” (Oh, yes I do with my bright pink pants!). It’s hard to dig deep and find motivation sometimes. I see it with my clients, some days their head is just not into that work out. And it’s ok. It happens! The important thing is you made the effort and you are still moving your body. I tell clients all the time, even if you work out for 15 minutes, that’s better then not at all. So as I sashayed toward the gym door, I hummed lyrics from the St Elmos Fire theme song (yes I know, very old, right?). But this is not bad advice for an 80’s theme song . . . . “You know you can’t quit until it’s won, Soldier on, Only you can do what must be done” and in I went with my bright pink pants!


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